Sleep Sweet 3D


Sleep Sweet 3D with Augmented Reality from Spellbound!

What is Augmented Reality?


AR is the term for any item that is tagged for digital enhancements viewable with a mobile device. By downloading the Spellbound App to your phone or tablet, a viewer can watch the pages come alive on their screen.

How does it work with the book?


Every page is a different experience. You'll hear original music, narration and sound effects that correspond to the illustration animation.

How do I get the Spellbound App?


Hospitals, child care specialists and parents can get the app by contecting SpellBound AR.


Rich in imagination, imagery and color, Award-Winning Sleep Sweet makes a wonderfully gentle and calming addition to any quiet time or bedtime routine.

Augmented Reality Extras On EVERY Page!


SpellBound is currently being used in
16 Hospitals across 12 States

SpellBound was created with the help of child life specialists, for child life specialists. We focus on the hardest part of your work: distracting patients and helping them comply with treatment.


SpellBound is the only age-appropriate, therapy-focused, digital, solution that uses augmented reality technology that can be used in many hospital departments and procedures.

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About Us

Writer’s Digest


"Julianne DiBlasi Black has given youngsters a lovely bedtime read in Sweet Sleep.The story is laid out as a repeating refrain with a gentle rhythm that will help children release the day for the sleep of evening.  The illustrations are beautifully done with a lushness that carries through from beginning to end. Each page spread repeats the message of sweet sleep and depicts it in a rich painting that is realistic while leaving plenty of room for imagination to play."

- Judge, 24th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

Story Monsters Ink Magazine​


"The beautiful images, the soft dreamy color palate, and the tenderly whispered text flows like a gentle lullaby that will carry your little ones into sweet sleep. Tucking in the world’s mighty creatures, under the covers of starry skies, quilts of fluttering leaves and blankets of soft grass all fall to dreamy visions of happy things. This story, along with others, works with SpellBound, a free mobile app that uses augmented reality to turn paper books into virtual pop-up books. See the pages come alive in 3D, along with sound and animation. Reading becomes an experience!"
-Reviewer: Darleen Wohlfeil - Story Monsters Ink Magazine​

Gittle Publishing


"Sleep Sweet" written and illustrated by Julianne DiBlasi Black is the ultimate bedtime story. It feels like it is wrapping the reader in fairy dust. Ms. Black is a talented artist, but she matches her dreamy illustrations with sweet poetry about where other creatures and natural entities sleep and what they dream about.

Wondering whether mountains, “sleep under starry skies and dream of faraway places” will stir the imagination of any child — and many adults. There is an application that will allow the reader to view the pictures in 3D. Perhaps I’m old school, but I feel the technology is not necessary. All the wonder comes from the words and illustrations that Ms. Black created. Rather than holding up an iPhone to view the pages, put your arm around your child and lull her to sweet dreamland by reading "Sleep Sweet" to her at bedtime. 😺 - Gittle Publishing