Authenticity & Online Courses

Find Time For Your Dreams

Find time to work on your dreams with a few perspective tweaks from a fellow goal-seeker.

Want to know how your existing situation can serve as a springboard to your dreams and personal development? 

Personal Coaching designed for you.

Get Unstuck

Set the stage for new ideas by adjusting your daily routine in small changes that bring about big results.

Running into the same obstacles and feel like there is just no way/time/solution/money to get ahead? 

That's what a life coach is for!

Personal Coaching

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Feel like a Meat Suit- going through the motions but have no energy, interest or excitement for your daily life? 

Online courses available soon!

Get 10 Ways to Change Your Perspective NOW

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Preview: When we live each day as if it is already decided for us, we give away our power. 

We expect it to be busy, demanding, and yield no positive outcome. We come home from work, school, or just plain end our day with this overwhelming sense of thank heaven its over and already dreading the morning.

Let’s end that.

All emails are absolutely confidential and will never be shared. You can opt out at any time. It's like having a life coach in your in box :)

Ready to stop feeling like a living zombie?

I call it a Meat Suit - that treadmill life from weekend to weekend without meaning or direction. 

It's time to change it up! 

As a certified life coach and time management coach, I'll find hours in your day you never knew you had! 

Take it from a single mom with her own business, a monthly magazine column, mega volunteer hours and dozens of published children's books - there IS ALWAYS a way!

Teachers / Students

I am also a certified mentor with Pinellas County Public Schools, and love to talk to students stuck on  where they are and what they might want to do after school, just ask!