What do you need help with?

Your Unique Value

What sets you apart from your competition? How can you build on that?

Social Media

Do you need to be on every platform or are some better suited to your market? 

Domain Names 

Before you commit, is that really the best fit?

Budget Marketing

Where do YOU need to focus and what can you put off for later stages?

Business eMail & Mailing Lists

Which companies are the best for your budget and audience?


Did you know some inks are cheaper than others?

Large-Scale Mailers

Layout is everything, and there are proven methods to being seen as well as hidden postage costs to avoid.

Resolution Solutions

DIY image advice so your pictures aren't so big as to showcase your nose hair, but not so small it looks like you've used the same photographer as Nessie and Big Foot.

Online Printers

Which companies are the most reputable and who has the best product for the price?

Vehicle Wraps

How to start the process and what to look for in a wrap company.

Donation Platforms

Are you a Non-Profit accepting donations through PayPal? There is a better way!

Print Ads

A distribution range is NOT the same as a subscriber number. Is the cost worth it?

Tagging Posts

Who, what, where, when and what the heck is a Hashtag? Do you need them?

Labels & Packaging

Some suppliers are MUCH better than others.

Trade Shows

Which giveaways are the most popular and who to go to for a custom booth design?


The art of a tested formula for donation request letters- what NOT to do is as important as what TO do!

In so many cases, brands make the mistake of trying to start over - wasting big money in the process. Before you blow time and resources trying out a dozen different directions looking for ROI love, let's talk. 

Chances are, the answers are already in there. They just need a little help to shine.

Save Time, Save Money & Start In Where The Big Guys Are Already Making Moves!

Maybe you don't actually need a designer... yet

Where to start? Who to market to?

What social media platforms will reach your audience? 

Sometimes before you need a designer, you kinda need to know what to design....

It's overwhelming to get started especially when you'll have to market yourself, too. 

Let's brainstorm some ways you can be more efficient, and attract the specific audience your business needs to THRIVE.  

I'm a certified business coach, but more than that, I've been around the block. I've worked with global brands reinvent, mature and massage their message for over 20 years, specializing in visual language and that "IT" factor that gets noticed.

Individual sessions and packages can be developed to meet you and your needs.

Why Consult Before You Design?

One-on-one and team coaching to determine your strengths and direction before you spend crazy money and time in marketing and design.

I've seen BIG money go out the window on re-branding, chasing shiny technology, missed markets and tinkering about to see what sticks. 

Let's talk about how to save you 


This is not a cookie-cutter process. 

I'm not going to tell you how to market a business, I'm going to tell you how to best market your business.